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Light Bladder Leakage Lady aged 62

"Those undies are fantastic, great to wear. Am passing onto my friends."

menstrual protection Lady aged 36

"wonderful product and great, quick service"

Period Panties
Lady aged 33

"work well and are so comfortable, the cotton is lovely too as opposed to nylon."


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Discreet Delicates

As a pharmacist the Discreet Delicates founder, Julia, noticed that there were limited options for ladies managing light bladder leakage. Disposable pads cost about $29.99 a month, and are not environmentally friendly. Discreet Delicates were developed for ladies who want comfortable, cotton, easily washable underwear that look good.

Discreet Delicates period and postpartum range were designed, fitted, and tested by Julia. After a few long years trying for a baby, she was tired of being caught out by irregular cycles, all those messy pessaries, and prolonged bleeding after failed cycles. ​The “surfboard pads” offered in hospital are essential for the first few days after birth, but after that cotton underwear are much more comfortable.

Fertility treatment in New Zealand is not covered by private health insurance, nor is the first specialist appointment to apply for DHB funding. Contact Julia with your fertility story to enter the first fertility appointment free competition. Winners are announced on mothers day. Use the website not social media to protect your privacy. Your journey, but not your name, will be shared to support those suffering in silence.

Discreet Delicates business focus is to reduce the long term cost of light bladder leakage and period underwear, and provide a sustainable option for people trying to reduce their impact on the environment. ​

Period Panties are donated to schools to help reduce period poverty and protect girls education. Contact Julia to get some sent to your local primary or high school.