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"I love Discreet Delicates, they save me a fortune on pads."


"wonderful product and great, quick service"

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"work well and are so comfortable, the cotton is lovely too as opposed to nylon."


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Discreet Delicates

Discreet Delicates might just be New Zealand's best kept secret. A tiny 'mumpreneur' business in rural Hawke's Bay that proudly supports our local Rural Delivery postie. 

As a pharmacist the Discreet Delicates founder, Julia, noticed that there were limited options for ladies managing light bladder leakage, and that disposable pads were costing about $29.99 a month.

Discreet Delicates were developed for ladies who want comfortable, cotton, easily washable underwear that look good.

Discreet Delicates business focus is to reduce the long term cost of incontinence products, and provide a sustainable option for people trying to reduce their impact on the environment. ​