Discreet Delicates

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XS and S: 4 black Discreet Delicates, 3 menstrual protection underwear 

 M and L: 6 black Discreet Delicates


Soft, comfortable, cotton underwear for postpartum bleeding, or lochia. Discreet Delicates can be frozen with a little water on the pad to use as soothing, ice packs, sometimes known as padsicles. 


Discreet Delicates can be machine washed and dried, or hung inside out to dry in the sun. Keep them as period underwear once you get your period back. 


  • It's normal to bleed after birth. The bleeding generally tails off by around six weeks though it can go on longer for some women. During this time using tampons or menstrual cups can lead to infection.

  • Built in absorbent cotton jersey pad thats holds up to 60 ml of fluid, which is about 4 tampons, or a full menstrual cup. 
  • Discreet Delicates absorbency works best once they have been washed before wearing.
  • Thin waterproof lining protection which lasts around 3 years with regular machine washing and drying, like Thinx, or other menstrual protection underwear that do not include pads. 
  • The grey lining in menstrual protection underwear should be rinsed in cold water before washing if you are concerned about seeing stains. 
  • Discreet Delicates sizes are generous, comfortable, and have a little bit of give, just like cotton underwear. They are cut low across the hip to keep the absorbent pad in place, like a boyleg, not a bikini cut. If you are unsure of sizing, choose the smaller size to prevent leaks.
  • Discreet Delicates are so discreet they do not come with annoying size tags or garment labels. Included is a small card with care instructions.
  • zero waste, free from plastic, packaged in brown paper envelopes
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastic lace edging, waterproof polyurethane outer layer
  • Discreet Delicates will be replaced if they are delivered to you damaged, or don't fit. Email Discreet Delicates through the website.

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