Discreet Delicates

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Wholesale Stockists pricing applies to Discreet Delicates with built in absorption pad only. These hold up to 60 ml fluid similar to moderate absorbency pads.

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Minimum order is 6 pairs
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Stockists Discreet Delicates

    • cardboard or wooden coat hanger with wodden pegs, like in the display photo. Use smaller sizes for display. 
    • wicker baskets on front counter or near incontinence products
    • cardboard or wooden stands
    • hessian cloth table display with peonies, or eco focus
    • kraft or hessian string ties hole punched through the corner of the cardboard square to hang like a Christmas ornament
    • cardboard or wooden stand to fit inside underwear and display upright like a mannekin


    Selling points: $20 cheaper than the competitor per pair, cotton without any plastic liners, washable so once you have a week's worth just do laundry, no need to continually buy disposable pads. Holds up to 60ml, or equivalent to TENA medium protection, Depend Real Fit Pad Extra Plus, or Molicare Mobile Light. 


    Contact Julia to discuss other options, please do not use any plastic for displays.